AJIS, with the aim of becoming  a representative of retail support solution provider in Asia

Our company was launched for the first time inventory business in Japan in 1978.
Since then, in many people for more than 40 years AJIS The will to support, we have received your support Naru great. Here, I would like to again thank thick.

We are currently, to about 2,500 customers in the center of the retail industry in Asian countries not only in Japan but offers the service. In the domestic inventory service of the flagship we have received a share of more than 70% Thanks to you, but constantly working on the development of new technology, continues to evolve the operation, and strive to improve the improvement and operational quality of productivity.
In addition, in overseas inventory services, has entered the major Asian countries and regions, we have to further accelerate the expansion of the business.
Then, in the Retail Support Services AJIS Merchandising service company responsible for the core of the group, Filling items in a short period And renovations to expand the early variety of services, and the pillars of the mystery shopping AJIS Research & Consulting, Inc., the advertising planning and main business Lowp The company has to demonstrate the strengths in each area. Also born new efforts by group companies of synergy.

And AJIS Professionals in the field to support the group. Since its inception, AJIS Is a professional who was wearing a solid technical're supporting the group. We will continue to expand its business future taking advantage of this strength.

"Of inventory that represents Japan AJIS Retail support representing Asia from AJIS Continue to be forward now towards the vision that the group "AJIS In, please stay tuned in the future.


CEO and President  Akio Saito