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AJIS Provides various services as outsourcing for inventory, remodeling, replenishment, survey, etc. to chain store and distribution retail customers.
AJIS We introduce the business of

FIELD AJIS Group business field

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Three key segments









STYLE AJIS Group business style

Solution × Outsource

We meet customer issues, derive solutions (solutions), and provide them as outsourcing.

solution making a best plan

We will grasp the gap between the state where the sales department should be and the state where the customer is satisfied, and we will propose an action plan that captures the issues revealed there, the real factors behind them, and future risks. We put that action into action and also feed back the improvement results. This PDCA cycle can be turned by one stop.

Outsource a part of chain store

Based on the idea that we are part of a chain store, we provide our customers with values such as "productivity improvement" and "store satisfaction improvement". The limitations of non-routine work such as inventory and renovation, the importance of focusing on regular operations in the face of increasing competition, a review of overall costs, and any issues, professional and highly productive AJIS Outsourcing to groups is beneficial.

Human resources × technology

AJIS Human resources and technology that support our business. The pursuit is the business style itself.

Talent people business

Professionals who have acquired solid technology throughout the country provide services. Training programs and improvement of working environment, etc. AJIS The group values human resources and continues to provide opportunities for success.

Technology technology & knowledge

Technology development from both hardware and software necessary for inventory service. Intelligence that analyzes data and leads to the next solution. AJIS Is constantly improving its technology as an inventory professional. In addition, we accumulate the necessary operation skills and knowledge in retail support services. We continue to collect information and research in the US distribution business and peripheral services.

NETWORK AJIS Group business network

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CLIENT AJIS Group business client

Number of business partners

about 2,500 Company

Among the top 100 retail sales rankings in Japan,
In fact, more than 80 companies are using the service.

Number of stores conducting annual total domestic inventory service



service area

Nationwide 47 Prefectures

We set up bases to cover the whole country,
High quality and uniform service
It offers.

Domestic inventory industry share


Performance and trust of domestic share No. 1 (domestic outsourcing inventory market)
It has received.