1978 Year

Established Mr. Shigeaki Saito, our founder, All Japan Inventory Service Co., Ltd. (capital: 22 million yen), which provides the inventory servicing service at 8 locations in Nihonbashi Muromachi Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Japan's first inventory service company is born.

Jack M. Boone, CEO of Masculino in the United States, became the first president.

To conduct the inventory of supermarkets for the first time in Japan.

1982 Year

Moved the headquarters to Shimogori-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

All Japan Inventory Service Kyushu Co., Ltd. (current AJIS Kyushu Co., Ltd., Fukuoka city Hakata-ku).

1984 Year

Ltd. AJIS Sapporo (now AJIS Hokkaido Co., Ltd., Chuo Ward, Sapporo City).

1986 Year

Started providing domestic first SKU inventory.

1992 Year

AJIS Concluded a franchise agreement with Shikoku Co., Ltd. (Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture).

1993 Year

A single item inventory commenced at a major convenience store.

1996 Year

Company Name Corporation AJIS change to.

Shares are opened to the Japan Securities Dealers Association (currently the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ (Standard)).

1998 Year

Filling items in a short period , New shop set up, distribution service started.

2000 Year

Moved the headquarters to Makuhari-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi.

2001 Year

Established Commercial Service System Japan Co., Ltd.

2003 Year

In Korea AJIS Business support corporation (consolidated subsidiary, Seoul special city of Korea) established.


2004 Year

Established Dalian License Mechanic Technology Co., Ltd. (a non-consolidated subsidiary, Dalian City, Liaoning, People's Republic of China).

2007 Year

Commercial Service System Japan, Inc. AJIS Company name changed to Staff Service Co., Ltd.


AJIS System Development Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated subsidiary, Chiba City) established.

2009 Year

Established 捷 是 是 (Shanghai) Commercial Service Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary, Shanghai, People's Republic of China) and started service to China.

AJIS (MALASIA) SDN. BHD. (Consolidated subsidiary, Selangor State Malaysia) established.

Signed a franchise agreement with Taiwan Aichi Tosei Co., Ltd. (an affiliate not accounted for by the equity method, Taipei City, Republic of China).

2010 Year

AJIS Corporate Service Co., Ltd. (Special Subsidiary for Persons with Disabilities, Nonconsolidated Subsidiary, Chiba City) Established.

2011 Year

Guangzhou Commercial Service Co., Ltd. (a consolidated subsidiary in Guangzhou City in China) was established.

Beijing Commercial Service Co., Ltd. (a consolidated subsidiary in Beijing in China) was established.

AJIS (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED (consolidated subsidiary, Bangkok, Thailand) established.

AJIS (HONG KOHG) COMPANY LIMITED (consolidated subsidiary, People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) established.

2014 Year

Group management philosophy Mission · Vision · Values ​​announced.


2016 Year

AJIS Staff Service Co., Ltd. and Prism Japan Co., Ltd. merged, AJIS Company name changed to merchandising service corporation (consolidated subsidiary, Chiba City).

AJIS Retail Support Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated subsidiary, Chiba City) established.

AJIS INVENTORY SERVICE PHILIPPINES, INC. (Affiliated company not affiliated with the equity method, Manila metropolitan area of the Philippines) entered into a franchise agreement.

AJIS (VIETNAM) COMPANY LIMITED (non-consolidated subsidiary, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) established.

2017 Year

Group logo mark renewal, group tag line "Your Partner in Retail Solutions" announced.

2018 Year

AJIS Research Co., Ltd. AJIS Changed company name to Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.










AJIS RETAIL SOLUTIONS SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. (連結子会社、シンガポール)を設立。(国外10地域目の進出)