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Store employees who are asked to do inventory counting tasks are unfamiliar with this work, because it is only done two to three times per year.

By outsourcing inventory counting to AJIS, the speed of counting is faster, the accuracy of counting is greater, and the total cost is lower.

Your Partner In Retail Solutions

Outsourcing inventory counting is common practice

The USA and Japan are the leaders in retail chain store management. Outsourcing the task of inventory counting is the common practice in those countries because fast and accurate inventory data helps retailers achieve their business potential.

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Inventory Counting Outsourcing

The professionals at AJIS reduce your inventory counting burden by reviewing your requirements and developing a plan to meet your company's needs; AJIS uses the latest in handheld hardware and software technology. Once you have approved the plan, your only job is to wait for AJIS to deliver your customized inventory reports.

Highest Market Share in Asia

Top retailers in Japan and Asia choose to outsource their Inventory counting to AJIS

AJIS provides customized inventory counting services based on the unique requirements of each country and retail chain throughout Asia.

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to Asia

AJIS founded
professional inventory counting services
in Asia over 40 years ago,
and is the best partner for retailers in all Asian countries.

Your Partner in Retail Solutions