Retail customers

AJIS staff experience about 5 months of work that typical store staff experience, and about 1 month. Skilled staff provides more than just agency services. Making the most of the knowledge and know-how cultivated in the retail industry, we contribute to improving business quality and customer satisfaction. We will make every effort to create a store that will please our customers, while surely enhancing store competitiveness.

"Handling of personal information"
(1) Name of business operator
(2) Personal information protection manager
Managing Director Yuki Yamane General Manager
(3) Purpose of use
To answer the inquired content.
(4) Third party offer
We do not provide personal information obtained to third parties unless it is subject to laws and regulations.
(5) About the consignment of handling
We do not entrust the whole or part of the handling of the acquired personal information.
(6) Disclosure of personal information to be disclosed etc. and inquiries window
Notification / disclosure / correction / addition / deletion of contents for disclosure of personal information to be disclosed held by the company · suspension / deletion of use and suspension of provision to third parties ("disclosure, etc." We will respond to you. The window corresponding to disclosure etc. will be the department inquired.
(7) Acquisition of personal information by a method which the principal can not easily recognize
We will automatically collect access information acquired using cookie or web beacon technology.