Why AJIS Group is selected

Four Reasons to Choose

Problem solving type


We place emphasis on the facts of the site and identify the customer's problems. AJIS Has implemented a problem-solving approach based on a number of achievements, continues to carry out the PDCA cycle with customers, achieving results.

Sure technology


We are trusted with accurate service by reliable technology. We use scientific methods to derive optimal procedures and actions and continue to improve our technical capabilities as professionals in the field.

Abundant resources


We are familiar with in-store work and provide professional services with high level of skills, knowledge and manners across the country. We respond flexibly to customer's needs with abundant human assets.



Japan, and also overseas. Having a close relationship with the chain store AJIS The group has a network that can offer a wide range of services nationwide and overseas.

AJIS' strengths in numbers

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"Handling of personal information"
(1) Name or name of the business operator
AJIS Co., Ltd.
上級執行役員管理本部長 奥田 稔
(3) Purpose of use
To answer your inquiry.
(4) About provision to a third party
The acquired personal information will not be provided to a third party except as required by law.
(5) About outsourcing of handling
We will not outsource all or part of the handling of the acquired personal information.
(7) Acquisition of personal information by a method that the person cannot easily recognize
We automatically collect access information obtained using cookie and web beacon technology.