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Not only cost-on but also cost-replacement, or even reduction.
Actually, it is an option to improve management efficiency.



Achieve both cost control and increased sales

As the expectations and demands of shoppers continue to rise, the key to increasing sales is to continue to create attractive sales floors. However, on the other hand, efficient store operations such as productivity and waste reduction will be required.
rest assured. AJIS will consult with you about specific display methods and display methods, and will continue to create the desired sales floor. On the other hand, for example, we will improve ordering accuracy and eliminate unnecessary inventory. Efficient store management by a small number. After all, the solution is AJIS.

Easy to understand pricing

For example, for replenishment, car truck/car unit
If you want to change shelves, gondola / shaku unit
I will quote!

Example 1 < Service name >Filling items in a short period

Unit price is set for each car truck / carriage that is the target of replenishment work.
* However, the unit price varies by category, such as “Glossary” and “Frozen”. The monthly average is calculated by the average number of units per category x the number of work days.
For details, please refer to the “Category Reset” page.

Example 2 <Service name> Category reset

Unit price is set according to the product category to be set up for each gondola to be replaced. In addition, it will be priced including work such as removal and cleaning incidental to shelf replacement.
For details, please refer to the “Category Reset” page.

Think and walk with our customers. I want to be such a partner.

We propose and execute a plan that meets your needs.

Things to worry about and things to improve
Please tell us

First of all, AJIS customers about their problems, challenges, and what they want to improve. Based on that, we will consider what kind of solution is good and what kind of service we offer specifically according to the customer's request.

Organize your team

Build a partnership system for each region. For example, if you change the shelves, one team will be responsible for 4 stores, visit the same store on the same day of the week, and complete the range of shelves on that day. If 25 teams are formed, 100 stores can be covered, and all 100 stores will go to the sales floor aimed at within one to two weeks. It is possible to change quickly.

What kind of service would you like?
Anything. Please feel free to contact us!
We will simulate once such as cost comparison and expected effects.

If you are interested, please contact us from "Contact Us". If you can tell us about your concerns, we will respond immediately.
Please be assured that we do not strongly recommend you if you think the benefits to you are small.

Please take a look at the examples of customers who have actually introduced it!
[Miyagi Consumer Cooperative]

For details, < Recommended services > From
Please see the introduction page of each service!

Recommended service

"Handling of personal information"
(1) Name or name of the business operator
AJIS Co., Ltd.
(2) Personal information protection manager
Managing Director Hiroyuki Yamane, General Manager of Administration Division
(3) Purpose of use
To answer your inquiry.
(4) About provision to a third party
The acquired personal information will not be provided to a third party except as required by law.
(5) About outsourcing of handling
We will not outsource all or part of the handling of the acquired personal information.
(6) Disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure and contact point for inquiries
At the request of the person himself / herself, notification / disclosure / correction / addition / deletion / suspension / deletion of the purpose of use of the personal information subject to disclosure and suspension of provision to a third party (“disclosure, etc.” It is called). The contact point for disclosure, etc. will be the department inquired.
(7) Acquisition of personal information by a method that the person cannot easily recognize
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