Operation survey analysis service

Operation survey analysis service

In addition to investigating and quantifying the actual state of work and work, we extract the issues and problems that exist, provide valuable materials for solving them, and think with the customer to solve the issues.

Utilize accumulated research analysis technology and know-how in other fields.

AJIS Group was created in 1978 to provide physical inventory services to the Japanese retail and chain store industries. Among these, we have focused on improving productivity, which is the most important quality condition for physical inventory, and also to provide high-quality services at a lower cost, in addition to improving accuracy.
Streamlining work is not possible overnight. You can only go one step at a time by repeating surveys, analyzes, and experiments of work at the shop floor. One of the materializations of the idea that the accumulated research analysis technology and know-how can be put to use in other fields is the customer flow line survey, which is this operation survey analysis.

Comprehensive solution service including data aggregation analysis and consulting

In addition to investigating the actual conditions of work and work and quantifying them, we also extract the issues and problems that exist and provide valuable materials for solving them, together with our customers toward solving the issues. think.

Already, in addition to work at stores, we have conducted research and analysis at various places such as nursing homes, distribution warehouses, headquarters product departments, etc., and have a track record of improvement. We provide comprehensive solution services including data sampling analysis and consulting, including survey sampling and education design depending on the customer's request, from survey method selection and survey design according to the purpose such as work sampling method and continuous observation method. I will.

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If you have a problem such as "I do not know the cause of incomplete work" or "Productivity does not improve as expected despite hard work at the site", please feel free to contact us. Please give me!

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At the request of the person himself / herself, notification / disclosure / correction / addition / deletion / suspension / deletion of the purpose of use of the personal information subject to disclosure and suspension of provision to a third party (“disclosure, etc.” It is called). The contact point for disclosure, etc. will be the department inquired.
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